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Where are the normal times?

I enjoyed the first wave.
Now during the second wave, I'm finishing my masters, and it's pretty demotivating because there is a possibility that my final project, will not be exhibited at all. I enjoy change but the fact that we don't know when this will end bothers me. I don't mind being at home but I need to know a deadline of when it ends.

You don't have buyers, fans, no one can see any of your products, so you have nothing. You have to see the physical work and appreciate it. And I do not create stuff that is easy to be worn, but more for the exhibition purposes which are all cancelled.

Online - the clothes are lost in it.

About the moves

After my master's degree at UMPRUM, I am done.
I don't see my classmates which is very inconvenient for my project as it is about them. It's about their characters, how they create. Exploring their work and being inspired by them. Without them it's pretty hard,
- my research is currently supported only through phones and sometimes walks, which don't save it. As the original plan was to constantly observe them, being near them, in turn gaining some results from those observations.

I work from home, and otherwise have a side-job at DAMU. I prepare costumes - and work as technical support. But I would enjoy working on movie sets because of the big teams. A whole month of forming something, to have a goal and guidance and end. I prefer projects in general something that once again has a deadline. I would also like to create for sets, such as creating characters through costumes. I managed to have experience with it before as I collaborated with FAMU and their international students last autumn on short moving images. 

The things that are to come will come.

Boys and Girls

I like to make shoes because it's not such hard work. When I look at a boy and he has a dog and a bicycle. I first look at the dog then at the bicycle then at him and then at the shoes. Shoes can destroy everything or improve everything. It tunes the whole mood. And I think it is the most important item to compliment your outfit.

You don't have to deal with men to be sexy, it is easy to work with them. I made a collection that was about brothers, and they handled dress up so easy. I was drawn to the idea about inheriting, and with that came the brother's idea. I shot with half-brothers then twins and then brothers who worked together. They genuinely had fun with it. Girls sometimes


whine and are ashamed and also you have to pay attention to their figure and adjust to it. 

I remember, however, that I enjoyed working with a corset in my freshman year. Mainly because it was a fun object. It had elements to be quite psychological, at least that's how it seemed to me when I showed that the corset has something that makes the body beautiful. I made it transparent, so there you could see exactly what it looks like under the skin how it moves and how tight it feels, so it felt important for me that it worked like this.

I'll enjoy the peace with them.


My concepts are born from observing people. I perceive a lot of their deviations. I'm frankly not interested in anything else. I don't like working alone, collaboration with people is about having fun and capturing and perceiving. I don't want to do anything with massive research, and I am not interested in anything ethical.

Someone is interested in ecology and builds the whole concept on it. It's not quite right for me, I think - it can have some elements but not to be a topic. I think there should be a way to sustainable fashion, but not to be fully inspired by it. It is needed. My favourite design I did had sub-topic to be ''sustainable'' and was inspired because of my grandmother, as I care for her things and don't just throw them away. It was also my favourite collaboration because I was shooting a documentary with her. The title is ''cAU BABI'' - ''ELLO GRANNY'' 

I enjoy working on documentaries and observing that some clothes come out on that basis. I see it as a bonus.

Fashions and its function

I studied New Media, and I was already doing a lot of textiles there, and I wanted to learn to sew.most of all, I liked Libena Rochova, and I knew that I wanted a woman to lead me. Because in high school it wasn't completely standard. There was a great motivation for me to make clothes, and I liked how strict she was.


I'm not at all interested in higher fashion. I prefer growing flowers and watching documentaries. I am all about creating stuff and specifically making them more experimental.

All of the clothes from the previous collection were made out of parachutes. I like the material and its functions. Parachutes got there by accident, and the colours that stand out are significant because they are produced in such colour grading. But once again it worked out for the collection. If I had to name my favourite material, I would say probably almost any, but I like to stuff it with wadding. It is soft but at the same time, it holds its shape so it maintains an objects desired shape.

I bet a lot on the coincidence.

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