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Vojtech BoR


The first lockdown was mandatory. Since schools were working to the absolute last minute, it didn't much affect me. But now I am just blessed to have the time to play all of my video games. I am a naturally very calm person in every sense. I am simply not in a rush, and I make music as a side thing, I am a trained drama therapist. 


I don't do drama therapy because it is not professionally recognised in the Czech Republic, but I use its elements from my education in my everyday job. I worked a little bit in an after school programme, and now hopefully I will start in Scioschool in Nusle.

(He starts pointing around his flat)

I love isolation, I can make music and no one can hear me, downstairs is my friend upstairs the woman is deaf. 


Ambitus Records is the biggest project I worked on to this day as it gave me a vision of what I wanted to do by myself and other artists for collaboration purposes in the future.

    The Power of The Black Eyed Peas and fipple flute

There is the question of whether there is such a thing as universal music at all or is it a question of a taste. My answer is The Black Eyed Peas.


They do hip hop for people who don't like hip hop, they do rock for people who don't like rock, and it all works out for them. I have a huge problem with current hip hop - rap. I want it to wake me up a lot but most people compose the lyrics because the genre is about that "lifestyle". But it's extremely primitive.

And if we talk about sound. Every sound is some frequency, it's a wave. Why not start with something so basic, so stupid such as fipple flute that everyone had as a child and everyone played, hated, was embarrassed about and did not have a very healthy relationship with. But when you combine those sounds... they will cuddle with each other and it will be fantastic.


It is not like it's a top-secret shit what I am doing. I want to introduce people to my sound, so that they understand it. 

Connection with a crowd shapes my performance. I allow random strangers to take my mic and shout something in it during the performance, which automatically becomes interactive. I am just shaping through people something I already have.


You can mistreat music for bad purpose. I believe if we want to survive as a species we should connect more and improvise more. And try to focus on cooperating then trust issues with each other. I help people through guidance.

I am on a search for universal sound without labelling it.

Listen to what you making. It is okay to stop. Don't bother much with anything. If your creation is shit the next day scratch it. Just have fun with it.

I am on a search for universal sound without labelling it.


Worst Habit? that I don't care. 


Currently, I am working on a song. It has something and misses still needs a little cuddling with it.


BLESS BLACK FRIDAYS, man, until recently I had this crazy pult, which was fully clumsy / it did not have a good sound palette. Thanks to these sales I got DAW and soundcard from Studio One for very decent money, you have such a start.


 I want for people to think about what they need realistically, research, look at videos, go through various forums, and then you get the right things. You have to work on your technique. But don't have to feel like you are in a rush... I am not in a rush. 

16k gone like that but I rather invest in the plugins. I recommend it to people who want to create music at home like me in a one-room apartment. 


I care about the sound a lot... I am an audiophile.

    It is all about those synths

I like 80s electro, live sounds that are very Basic like drums, and I just simply enjoy raw synths. I am learning to record instruments, so they sound full.

I am very hyperactive, I need to constantly stimulate myself, otherwise, I burn out of my energy. When you have a basic noise and play with it a bit to create that sound, which will evoke something in me. My creative thought process is very automated. When I compose I always start from scratch with a motive and primary sounds.

The musician's greatest weapon is an inspiration. Nowadays we have such an easy approach to music all the applications such as Spotify can unite musicians and their taste to get inspired. Maybe on some subconscious level.

    What makes musical genres evolve?

There are currently no new musical genres, everything is just more or less repeated.

We live at a time when people are starting to open up very quickly and that greatly speeds up the process of changes. And therefore those "new styles" just emerge to genres.


In the 60s and 70s, musicians came up with something new. There was something in them that they could not express with what they had around them and therefore they had no option but had a need for something new.


And now how you have an awful lot of things to listen to, therefore it is much easier to lean towards something.


If you could be asked any question?

I think it is childish, but I always wanted to know how many Meters of Rolling papers have I wasted.

Reborn Mozart is Jacob Collier.

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