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    Get away from anxiety

The first wave was fun. I felt like I was in the post-apocalypse game. I feel like everyone is lost right now. It was just funny that a year ago, I got into a debate about anxiety. My argument was based, on the fact, that I wasn't sure if anxiety existed as I never experienced it. During the second wave, I thought I probably know now, what anxiety is. I think being a workaholic is a defence mechanism for me. I work so I don't have a chance to overthink.


I have only graduated from high school and IT school. I questioned how art could make me financially independent. I kept programming but funny enough I started to tattoo so much that there was no time for programming.

The tattooing started with me hand-poking triangles on my leg, and I enjoy learning new crafts by myself. 7 years ago, when you searched on YouTube for a tattoo tutorial, you had a shot filmed on a "calculator". I had nothing but to figure it out myself. When I occasionally teach someone to tattoo in a month or so they get to a pretty decent level. A level I was at for 6 years.

When I moved to Prague, it occurred to me to move this tattooing thing a bit further, so I bought a machine from Ebay, a very shitty one. I didn't even know how to set the tattoo machine up. Once in half a year, I pulled it out from somewhere and just proved myself again that I can not tattoo, so I hid it away. It has been a few years since I bought a better machine. Not sure how it happened, but for the last 4-5 years the craft I practised with tattooing started making some sense, now I tattoo regularly.

Screenshot 2021-02-01 at 10.42.37.png
Screenshot 2021-02-01 at 10.42.23.png

Worst habit? Impatience. But the advantage is that I can do more.


    Switching up professions

I never had just one profession in my life. I have found out that I am comfortable with the state of a man running away from one thing to another when one thing sucks, so I don't get tired and bored of it.


I take this tattoo work as a craft rather than as an art. It is an activity where I have fun. If these are elements of abstractions my flashes, then I take it completely, just like with painting, the approach is the same just painting on skin. Of course, some things do not work. One is a static image, and another one is constant body movement, so something looks better than the other.

At the moment, my ideas are more devoted to paintings.

    Size, technique, process

In terms of making a conscious decision about sizes of canvases, I work with formats that fit in my car. Probably the scale is also related to graffiti, and the spray has some width of the trace. I have a problem with filling too much of the whole space on canvas like overkill. I appreciate the details. Sometimes I see myself wanting to cut out only one piece of the canvas, like an idea of zooming in.


The process - I paint something in one go and only one layer, so it is clean, but with a hundred other layers that I add up and play. It could look as if it is getting ruined, but everything is just a coincidence on that canvas. I enjoy the aesthetics of chance. For instance, when you walk down the street and pay attention to the walls. You can see how something was created naturally by mistake. I make up a technique, and the goal is to achieve that technique that will make the outcome look nice. The spray has a unique footprint. It dries quickly, no need to mix colours. You can do a lot of things with it, and it is flexible.

 I do not enjoy creating the same things, repeating techniques. I create something new that will surprise me.


    Visual thinker

As the painting have no meaning, there is no need for a title. Recently I have decided that there is an idea of a cycle, visual series of cycles. In my opinion, the acquisition determines what someone or I see in it, and I enjoy providing a space where everyone can feel what they want.


I do not want to limit myself to one style. The impulse is to try a new technique all the time. I do abstraction mainly because I can not paint. Not every concept is just driven by feeling. Sometimes I am guided by the colour pallet I choose, or Misa (referring to his wife) chooses for me and other times it is spontaneously chosen by some stronger emotion that day.

If I am not in a good mood, I don't want to put that negativity in the canvas. I try to make the process as positive as possible.

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