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dima maseykin


    Prison within Zoom Calls

I just got tired of these calls on Zoom because they became unrealistic to manage.

Around 10 meetings per day, stuff I could solve in real life in a couple of seconds.


The motivation came in large waves. Isolation began to press. So I got stressed a little but then stabilised again. I managed to adapt. Everyone lost their schedule. People broke their boundaries in terms of work. People used to do this routine from 10:00 till 8, here you started getting calls at 1:00 am and 3:00 am.

My main job is in an advertising agency from morning till evening. I work there later in the evening, I go about my business: illustrating, directing, and so on... I have an idea for a full-length film. I write the script very slowly. Then I would like to make a graphic novel based on it. The storyboard will already have a storyboard. I am obsessed with this stuff - the author's style, which can be experienced - visually and narratively.

I want to go into directing, so I am doing something about it, such as studying... trying it out... testing.


photography: alexander Emauz

    As an Art director to another Art director 

in animation, it takes a long time to do something.


As I mentioned I work in the advertising industry, and I know what the budgets are for 15 second videos about mayonnaise, etc... "Guys you have a lot of money, and you do not have any creative solutions." Just invest in creativity, and you will get amazing content.

As an art director, the trick is to use a lot of information every day to be on the wave.

I constantly research. All of my networks- adjusted for the use of some kind of visual information. I unsubscribe from everyone so as not to pollute the brain with unnecessary information.

Facebook is for - advertisement, Instagram for - illustration, films and so on.


Directing is much faster and easier, and it seems once that there is more opportunity in time.


I used to work on my own, but then when the budget appears, you have the opportunity to invite some "cool people" to work on the project with you. Well, there is a sub-task: you choose people who are suitable for this task. In short, now I collab a lot, and it is much greater than doing everything on your own. There are three or four people with whom I constantly work in animation. I try to find new people with new styles all the time because you can learn something new faster from them.



When someone asks you to collab, it could be hard to adjust. I do not mind any movement. Everything always relies on budget and opportunities, and time. To be honest any project can be done interestingly. The conflict usually is in... there are two different worldviews. It is not that it is hard to agree but just look at things differently. I usually get freedom. But I do know about some sad examples.


    Animation in Mother Russia

Unfortunately, it is impossible to make money out of creativity here. Only if you do understand NFT well... you could raise some money right now. It seems to me that this is a "cool" format for millions of artists that are doing something because their doors have opened at least somehow somewhere to make money as it has always been a closed club.


Here (Russia) you usually shoot an advert, commercial story, or you save up money and then invest it in some project that works on enthusiasm and is creative. There is an exception of course, but still, in commercial stories, they are quite narrow on the creative scheme as there is usually already a full write up done before, and you can not tweak some stuff a bit.


From what I heard, I know that animation is not needed by anyone even if you do some full-length story in here. There are only ways some streaming service is interested in this, if they want to invest then there is a point making some kind of author's story that can travel through festivals. I would like to make a full-length animation, but for that, I got to sit for 3-4 years with a big team and make it happen.

What I saw does not correspond to the quality of the world of course. I'm a bit ashamed when I watch some things.

IMG_9438 (1).jpg

    Dima plus animation is an accident

How it turned out, I wrote to one of the performers privately and offered an animation clip. During that time, I had no idea how to make animation, and to be honest, I did not know much about illustration either. I was probably drawing 2-3 pictures a year during that time. It was for Haski - Krot 17. Then after work, once a week, I sat down for 2-3 hours drawing and animating.

I sent him some sketches by hand that I drew within 15 minutes. He was down, so because of that, I was like.. "fuck it seems I have to learn something about it"... Started with a poking method, then later I shared with some dudes that do animation how I was starting, they just said that I was a fool. I could cut the way that I wasted on the realisation of my idea... From 9 months to 2 months. But no one rushed me...



Film we have to see?

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Worst habit? Biting off more than I can chew

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