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Arose in motion

vol. 3 prague

Not even Covid can contain our creative drive!

Our third event was held on the 21st to the 23rd of August 2020 at Maj 4. Patro, this stunning building is one of the most famous examples of neo functionalist architecture and is located in the heart of Prague.

This event presented  new challenges. Not only did the exhibition  cover 2500 square metres of space, but  additionally, the 3 day event needed to be covid secure. It was our pleasure to host over 70 artists hailing from 13 countries and all their breathtaking artwork. 

Along with Maj 4. Patro, we joined forces to prepare programmes for day and evening entertainment. Art lovers were also revived by a visit to our huge, 1.000 square metre refreshment plaza filled with amazing food trucks and terrace bars.

The last 18 months have taken a toll on those whose living depends upon performance and creativity - so now, more than ever, we are committed to strengthening our community of artisans!


We wait expectantly for whatever may come next - join us


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gallery by aneta benedict



vol. 2 Karlovy vary


Later that summer YouAllDroveMeCrazy  hosted our second event "Butterfly Effect" at Karlovy Vary during the 54th annual International film festival.

Film goers, friends, tourists and art lovers flocked to see us over 6 days of intense creativity.  It was also a powerful networking event featuring art from 74 individuals from over 10 countries. Creatives worked across a multitude of disciplines, including visual artists, tattooists, photographers, DJs, fashion designers, directors, dancers, poets and musicians. During the evenings we had an array of programs including mixed media, moving image, live music, dance, and poetry. 

All artists involved in our event were tasked with providing work designed specifically based on their interpretation of the event's theme: the chaos theory of the Butterfly Effect. 

We encouraged the artists to highlight the fact that any single action can set off a chain of events that can lead to a significant outcome. 

Our  aim was to get the audiences to consider how we may learn from the past and make changes in our present to ensure a better future. We had some terrific encounters, the art was a real catalyst for challenging debate and the reverberations of these conversations will be powerful.

As always we had the pleasure to represent BeCharity and raise money to donate towards their cause. We also had the opportunity to work with Frajer Pivo, who sold their beer on tap throughout the whole event!

It was amazing to see everyone come together to be a part of this creative movement. Not only was innovative talent showcased but individuals were encouraged and celebrated, friendships were forged and our community invigorated and strengthened!

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Vol. 1 Prague

The 5th of April 2019 was a great day for us! Our team had the privilege to host our first ever exhibition at the gallery/photo studio Prostor39 in Prague.

This inaugural event showcased some brilliant local talent as well as  international artists across a multitude of  disciplines.Original works of photography, painting, installations, and fashion were on show as well as live musical performances.

We were very grateful to have sponsorship from AAU (Anglo-American University) and beer from the excellent local brewery, Bakalar Pivo!

It is always a priority for us to give back to the community so it was our pleasure to collaborate with Prague based charity Be.  Be work with children and young adults living with severe physical and mental disabilities. Each of us can testify to the restorative power of art and the creative process and we are proud to be associated with such a brilliant and positive organisation.






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