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mala zuu



To be honest I'd say I am going through a little crisis with my work. I don't like it anymore. In terms of my illustrations and my daily work.


Because I do a lot of custom work but which has nothing to do with flashes. However, that is where my main income comes from: when people come over and show me the design they envision from Pinterest. And I felt very drained form this kind of work. I got unhappy with the illustrations as it seemed my audience didn't understand what I was trying to tell them. Slowly day by day you stop giving a fuck about it and you end up doing those zodiac signs because you forget what your message was. And that is what I am trying to stop, I want to return to myself with respect for the client.

It is still hard to take criticism from the audience. As I am still "new" I am not fully confident.


Why do you choose me if you do not like what I do and not choose my work? ITS A QUESTION TO MY CLIENTS.


(As we trying to get deeper why she got unattached to her clients and her work.)


During the lockdown especially I had the time to stop and take a look at my current work. I am thriving to be more personal with my clients. If I want to find real earning that means at least 4-5 tattoos a day that takes time and I have to meet another client without having time to process my previous one. I want to stay true to me but be compassionate to my clients. Which means fewer customers in general but I will find the time to be patient and explain to them the importance of my work or the sketch itself. Which also will push me to a bigger scale.


Plus recently I moved to Prague and for the first time, I find myself in a community of creative people. Which is great because it gets me hungry I can see how others create what pushes them to do so and it pushes me not to be afraid to try something else. 

I would present rather nothing to my client than something I am not comfortable with.

I am trying to develop a new style with a combination of symbols, texts and objects.



Abstraction is very dominant in the Czech Republic. I am not able to do these type of tattoos even though I did, they always seem the same to me which means I am unable to do them right. I think they are great but I don't think you should go to an artist that does not do abstraction and ask for it...makes sense no?


I love "Ignorant work". Simple flashes that mock everything that was done before. I love a lot of humor. I would like to see more tattoos that represent this period and overall what we currently do.

When you study system engineering as I remember you can still become a tattoo artist, we all explore.


I've had this idea for a long time now. I wanted to do a stick and poke tattoo workshop. Having the ability to speak with an "amateur" artist. It was very important for me when I was starting out when someone more experienced artists shared their knowledge with me, it gave me such confidence.

Starting with the basics of hygiene you know because a lot of people do it at home right now which a lot of professional tattoo masters hate. I started the same way and used to get mocked about it. It is not like people will stop making them. The tattoo scene is changing it used to be quite special now it is everywhere and you can do it at home. Why fight it, when you can help to grow it. I can acknowledge that is probably fear and weak ego.

Being just a flash tattoo artist is a very long, BROKE path. And I am not sure whether I am that type of person that can do this to myself.

The soundtrack of life?

The Chemical Brothers or Gipsy Kings


I constantly go back to my self-representation on social media and I talk there about the idea of fear, anxiety and issues in general. But I do not want to be viewed as a weak person. I do not see my self weak tho rather empowered and happy first of all.


Oh, also I went through a spiritual crisis. Through getting lost in that path the only thing I remembered was that I am a tattooist. Which doesn't mean that this profession is defining my purpose in life but rather I had the time to acknowledge that I am doing something that brings me a lot of joy. 


I think for me the most successful project in a way was when I started exploring other mediums and styles. In the beginning, I was so stuck in a state of research for a couple of years, tattooing to constantly get better. However, my primer inspiration currently is the notes I make throughout the day that is inspired by research that never stops everything that I find around me I use as a tool to acknowledge my state. Right now what I do is have a conversation with myself. I can see how it influences my work and gives me more freedom.


Worst Habit?  Last minute preparations 

The purpose is a mentality.


About Touch: It is beautiful because I touch my clients straight away after we just met and shook hands. I respect that interaction ... I find it powerful. 


(After we have a solid exchange of opinions on how she helps artists around her think outside the box: "to spend more time with them and learn their process while speaking about my work. Some of these conversations are implied in my work." We continue with what is lost in translation.)

My biggest problem is that my customers don't trust me in the meaning that they are afraid that I will not give them the best work or the work they want. They always want to lead me and not give me freedom in what I do.


People, in general, like to have lots of opinions and they want the control so they think they can control creative person using you as their tool to help you and through you produce the best version of what they envision the product to be. Don't allow your client to be more dominant. Be strong in your position listen to them but acknowledge it's a 2-way communication and not a monologue. Have the space you need to explain better.


I don't want to say that I am humble. I would love to be and I want to be and I am trying to be.

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