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Michaela Cervena

    Simplicity and Innocence

I realised that my colour palate changes as I go through different seasons of life. They are all a collection of me, and are a testament to my transformation. 

I see my process as this:

First I figure out what I want to do and its title, and from there I paint. In abstraction I think there should be a title otherwise it is nonsense however the title is also abstract so I think everyone can find something in them. I want to make sure that I give space to the audience to have their own relationship and experience with my art.


I enjoy seeing my paintings at more exhibition spaces, however I would also like to have a larger space to introduce my work curating it myself, in the specific way I envision it being curated.  

I create stuff that I know and have experienced but it doesn't necessarily have to be about myself.



Currently, my favorite material to work with is a pencil, graphite in general.


What I do on paper is a different experience for me than what I do on canvas. I separate it a lot. If I just draw it is more of a calming process for me - when the pencil leaves a mark. it's all speed drawing. it is restless. What I'm writing is a flow of thoughts that don't make sense, it's like white noise but I like it as well, especially how it looks visually.

All the shapes are automatic drawings.



I think I could give a chance to paint masculinity as well but I think I already got to this summer, some of my works I see being quite masculine. There is a coarser shape... For me, it's a male symbol and it was also through a period where I spend a lot of time with this guy and it came out a little of him. It is all about that story line. It's based on memories. Mostly it's my stories that I have in my head and I wrote stories around about a maximum of 10 people. And I have done a minimum of 50 paintings.

Each of those works are about people who have influenced me during that period.


Someone makes an impact and is presented.

Equality vs feminism - BUT FEMINISM=EQUALITY


What is your favourite tree? - If conifers than pines due to its smell if leafy than sakura.

    WHAT HAPPENED TO Embroidery

(We naturally get speaking about the work that influenced her the most and where she is at right now) 


It must be embroidered canvases. It's because I spend the most time on them and I did a lot of sketches and research for them. There was a process where from research I did sketches and from these sketches, I was making them more abstract.


All the hand embroidery... I am very fascinated by costumes and traditions overall I find them aesthetically really pleasing (She is showing me a book of national costumes from Germany). It's colors and structures fascinate me. It seems very visually gorgeous to me and I like to watch it, any way I give you my conception of it, I got really into abstraction thanks to this experiment, thanks to it I started seeing shapes.

I don't want to say that I won't be doing embroidery anymore, just as of right now I do not feel like it, so it will not be for clothes but rather for spatial art.


Your worst habit? Clumsiness - ''Jsem Kopyto''

Favourite drink? Becherovka 



(Knowing Michaela was going through a series of rough seasons of constant interviews I asked her If you could get any question what would u liked to be asked about?)

Something more personal so the audience will get to know me as well. What I like to watch or read or even eat. I don't think I would seem to foreign to the audience. I'd rather appear as a physical person that they can envision.




Da Antonio Pizzeria Napoletana, MANu Praga, Le Pizze di Frankie.

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