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The Process : I'm sure that by now many of you have seen our debut project  Zach g Wilson's music video for his new single 'Her Words'. The project began with the conception of a script and mood boards designed by Youalldrovemecrazy's very own creative director Alexandra Sotskaya. The mood boards are a collage comprised of images and text that summarise the vision for a project. The song was actually written with themes taken from the script and mood board, demonstrating the extent to which the song and video really go hand in hand. However before a moodboard could be constructed the aesthetic and script for the video had to be established. The main role of the script being to highlight the plot and key scenes of the video.

 Lighting is a fundamental aspect for any video, it plays a significant role in accurately capturing both the intended mood and aesthetic of the project. We decided to focus on the lighting colour palettes of the late 70's with green lighting and the 80's pale yellow. After the lighting was decided we focused on ideas for the set location, we knew that we wanted the video to be filmed in one room, exploring how we could utilize the contrast between light and dark lighting in a single space. 

The song was then written incorporating the themes and ideas from the script. Upon hearing the song and having a clear vision in mind for the video the work on the mood board was ready to begin.

In essence we strived to maintain a minimalistic style for the video, incorporating abstract shots of still objects and body parts. The intended effect of only shooting certain body parts was to properly explore the sexuality of the scenes in the video without giving too much away. Re Enforcing the mentality that less really is more.


 We drew many Inspirations from directors including Gaspar Noe, (Love 2015),

Nicolas Winding Refn ( Only God Forgives, 2013)

Screenshot from her words music video

Screenshot from her words music video

Screenshot from her words music video

Chan Wook-Park (Old bo y 2003

Screenshot from her words music video

Screenshot from her words music video

 Elijah Bynum ( hot summer nights 2017), 


A crucial aspect of the clip was curating a wardrobe that fit the aesthetic of the moodboards. The styling was done by the very talented Youalldrovemecrazy team member Irene Kurinnina.

Custom made vodka label, and custom cigarette packet. The rest of the props were gathered by Michaela Cervena.

Shot by Shot - ALIBI VISIONS Youalldrovemecrazy partnered up with film company ALIBI VISIONS, with members Vladimir Melnikov, and Jachym Badr. They created a detailed shot by shot plan for the video using images from the mood board.

Behind the scenes pics


We also created multiple concepts for the cover artwork. The ones t hat we did not choose for the songs cover, we used as promotional tools.

A part of our promotional plan we incorporated the use of a teaser for the video that we released a few weeks before the project dropped.

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