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sergei berezkin

    Chasing healthy sleep

Listen lockdown was the most productive for me as everything played into my hands. I could not visit some places but that at all did not affect me in any way. Most of my time I spent in the apartment or with my wife on the street shooting. Accordingly, the absence of people had a positive effect on our work.

I closed myself from some information and slowly began to pull myself out of depressive shit.

So when I realised how much more free time I have I started to appear. I gave up booze - I just took control of the abuse that was with me for many years. Oddly enough, it was also a defining moment in my life. As soon as I got over the topic, the craving for all this - I just saw the other side which I completely forgot about. For example, proper healthy sleep that I am not ready to give up on that shit that was before. Now I don't drink for a year, I allow myself a beer from time to time.

I almost glued my flippers together, roughly speaking.


What annoys you about photography?

created out of thin air projects


    City minimalism 

Classic street photography is figuratively speaking "the characters of our city" I assume what I shoot is city minimalism. In stylistics, I am absolute 0. I just walk down the street, I don't listen to music, I turn my head to the right and the left until I find a frame.


Shooting on film is much easier psychologically, I can afford to make shots that are in no way tied to any idea. It allows you to relax a little and escape the tension. I don't shoot in a tense state or more of a focused state. I don't lose reality. I am very present as it is very important for the context of what I am doing. I find and see those things that are present here. I am interested overall in interacting with objects around me, something that already exists. I am not trying to make sense of it, come up with something or say something with this.

Went out for a beer and took a picture of a tree.

Favourite shot taken? Why?

one of - torn from my usual photograph. Because this is Ben Frost, one of the most important musicians for me, and because this tape was the final chord in my desire to start printing on my own.


    Worst habit?

Whore-fly.. permanent postponement. Throughout my life, I see that I cannot concentrate on certain things. My dreaminess may sound romantic, but there is nothing romantic there.

Until recently, I already mentioned it was alcohol that was pushing me back. Try to combine dreaminess and alcohol... in fact, they stopped my life for quite a long time. I didn't move anywhere.

I work in a warehouse. These are all excuses for my exuberant past. Because of good and useful deeds. I didn't do it in my youth. But I did other things, so in the end, I have to hump at work. This work does not reflect me as a person but reflects well my past.

I hope my dreaminess won't ruin me.


Do you have a slight obsession with cars?

not at all) but wheelbarrows have their own charm, while this is only a form that successfully and often fits into the composition. and sometimes it's a little cinematic.


    "i'm Rauch"

I will be honest and say I had no idea initially when I started photographing girls friends, acquaintances... 70% of these were girls whom I did not know. This project is different if we compare it with my colourful photos of the streets. I do edit some of the pictures but it's mainly bringing some colours upfront without huge transformation. In the past, I was chasing something within editing something that I thought was "missing" in the composition. But over time editing became more of a no-no as I started to see and understand the balance. In my work light plays a huge role. It is a recipe for success. It might sound like a cliche but thanks to the refraction of light and shadow the picture takes on volume, takes on colour. Shot on Nikon f65.

"I'm rauch" aesthetics of black and white grain will still paint this picture into something more tangible. I was just slowly recruiting material, I had no idea that it would become a project.

It was a rather interesting psychological moment than a project overall. Some kind of test of your emotional and physical resource. Strangers communicate as openly as possible where there is still some kind of story under each photo.


I don't want to burden people with information, not because it's not there, I just don't like the canvases of the text. I try to think less and try not to overstep a boundary. I want to create more of a calm story. It is quite a powerful story to me how you can observe the naked body of the female sex. First, you interact with people, and after you interact by yourself.

Everything is much more complicated than just pussy, tits and dicks.

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