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    Jack of all trades master of none

I have not studied anywhere. I am a self-taught and very versatile person. I worked at a construction site before and was kicked out of there. But I am glad I did it since I got my passion for wood back. I don't know design terminology well. I have been doing graphic design for 6 years but, I wouldn't be able to explain to a person well how to work in specific programs. My hands are doing all of it automatically. If I am among the designers who sit in the same room, make logos for large companies...that are engaged in business and have an education I will not be in the subject. Even though I understand we are colleagues.


When I change my spheres of activity I create some looks, styling. Today there is some kind of shoot I can help out with. I can organize it, come up with the concept.

There is some problem. I can solve it. Sometimes not even with my own hands when my skills are not enough. Solve it through some people so that it is done well.


I collaborate, usually with people who like to work. Who see work as motivation. I understand that sometimes people contact me for Shulya - Shulya because they appreciate what I do. I can not describe myself from the outside. People from different sides say that they can distinguish my work. I am a quick learner. I observe: My style is probably something dirty and weird.

There is some kind of basement rushing out of me.


    3D only for country guys

Collage is one of my hallmarks. Minimalism was a bit boring for me, and I also did not have enough skills for it or a concept for it. I needed something variegated, bright, that will be conspicuous - attract attention. In college, minimalism may be interesting, but it is not very standard. In my opinion more elements, more visually pleasing.


As I mentioned I like working with wood. I appreciate the way the old wood looks, old fences painted... I try to make wood a bit vintage, antique..using regular yellow glossy varnish. So that it still shines like an icon. I do prepare, I have a draft that includes what I will do, and then I add elements to it. To do everything in advance, I think that will bore me. To add a creative solution as you go. In order when you have 4 lines that are drawn differently it is like a puzzle, lego.


Since childhood, we have loved to assemble machines, guns, making swords and shields from wooden sticks. It is like sculpting from plasticine, you feel the shape and interact with it.

Building your own house with your own hands is about me.


    rise of steno151

When I was 17, we looked at Europe a lot. You know how it goes "How do they move in the west and what are they doing there". Instagram allowed us to do it, we lived in Kirov, and nothing much was going on. I was always occupying my time with something, such as I did little sketches for tattoos, started handpoking a bit.


And then my ex-girlfriend showed me an artist that she studied with back at the time. I dm'd him, and we met, he showed some of his work, I thought that it is very cool that there are guys in my age category in Kirov who is doing something. I have always liked to involve other people in my ideas - because progress happens faster and the result is always interesting.


in the art scene, people who are obsessed with the desire to sell are annoying.


I live through work every day, but at the same time, I rest.

I got inspired and decided to draw on clothes. Back then it was very fashionable to make custom illustrations, such as a reference point - "for rappers", and with a friend, we began to paint all sorts of jeans, jean jackets and other clothes we got some sort of demand from people. We started to earn some money and thought that it was such an easy way of income.


We started painting like crazy and made collections of 30 exclusive items. Within an hour, they were gone. The price was around 100-150 dollars. But we kinda burned out from it, grew up from it quite quickly. So we started making clothes that we wore something military, cargo pants and so on. We began to saw, draw with threads roughly speaking. The style has changed so did the approach. It's more of meditation now.


We have 3 people in a group: Tolya, Daniel Suvorov, also a painter and me.

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