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tereza nesnidalova

I want to do art in any form that can be combined with the craft. I can't imagine myself doing anything else than art.

    The good and bad start

The first wave was way harder for me due to the long distance with my boyfriend. But in terms of art, I was most focused. I spent isolation with my parents and nature, which helped me a lot. But I was still mentally very depressed.


The second wave created uncertainty for me and my work. One day focused whole day painting nonstop. Then another day not able to pick up a brush. Last year it was super hard with motivation and creating in general. But I think as well funny enough it was the year when people started getting interested in my art the most. I sold a pretty good amount of paintings. It was a year for better exposure which gave my ego a good start to continue creating.


    My blue period

Blue is a conscious choice in my work. Step by step it became dominant in my work. Possibly because of the porcelain that I am making. I was researching blue, and it is one of the most favourite colours chosen by people around the world. Blue usually has the connotation of being more passive as for myself, I can say that the colour makes me calm somehow. 

I feel comfortable with the colour right now. I don't think I am stuck on it. It is just my current period with it. 


I am also fascinated by the indigo Japanese indigo. I was searching for natural pigment, and the colour blue is rare in nature. It's hard to get indigo in the Czech Republic since it originated from a plant. I ordered it online, and it came out being very expensive. You can also purchase only 50grams of the powder.


    Still searching

My whole life, I was drawing, drawing some kind of person. Although, I've been making canvases for just over a year and a half. So I am not good at big scales. I am afraid of it as I don't know how to get lost in it, as my technique is more "illustrative". Primarily, using ink on paper is not very possible to use on canvases and I don't know how to work with colours. Therefore dying helps me to see the depth of the canvas without using colour or structure. I like to leave the natural way but when you fuck it up the canvas is useless.

The reason for creating big scales is that I think it will evoke something new. I need ti to learn more about different colour pallets. To be able to use them freely in my work. Last year I was searching for a technique that would work for me. I don't think I found one that I would be 100% comfortable with, still searching.

I am fighting to find my style on canvas. To explore what is me if what I am doing already is my original style or I am still searching.

I always see some criticism. I think it is moving me somewhere, but also I need to learn more about appreciating myself and my work.


    Golden Repair

I love drawing women every time it is a woman. Currently, it's Asian women but Asian guys have very feminine structures. I guess my paintings shouldn't have a gender. Even though I was living in Japan and got some impact from it I would like to mention that my characters always came out with a sharper face. This period last year, I just got stuck with one image in my head of one face in particular. Now they all look the same. It is the same person all the time. I mean not for me, I think the face transforms, but people say they see a pattern.


Asian culture inspires me. I love old Japanese paintings, aesthetics, it's even the philosophy for me that works. Some of my canvases might look like they still need to be finished. It might be the half-faces I draw. For me, they are complete. It's almost like "Kintsugi" where you find a beauty with something broken but have the patience to repair it and make it look better than before.

I feel like I am not fascinated by just paintings and drawings. I appreciate the craft as well. I am trying to find a way to combine it. It would be best to go to Japan and learn from the masters as a primmer source.

    When can we get a tattoo?

I can't deal with tattoos right now... I mean I can I guess in a way it's just an excuse I make because currently, I don't feel like doing it that much. I lost the connection with the tattoos, the passion. Maybe I didn't find what I was looking for in tattoos. One of the reasons why I started it in the first place is because of travelling. I searched for something I can do as a freelancer in art. To travel and easily make money. Tattooing was a perfect solution. I felt for a while that it was getting out of my system as I wasn't missing it.


On second thought, I don't regret any of my tattoos obviously, but if I had the chance to go back, I wouldn't do them. I don't want to feel the responsibility that someone also might regret my tattoo in the future.

I want to make it clear with the tattoos that it might be a phase. It is this year that I don't see the future in tattooing. However, if I am going to find my way back. I will first need to find a passion for it.

What I earned I spent all on travelling. It is a big part of my life. Helps me recharge my energy.

 Life is short, and I want to try it all. 

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