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vlad shuba

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    Searching for freshness from Vladivostok

The Far East and particularly such as Vladivostok is very apolitical. There is no particular political movement. I did not experience the whole madness that was going on the tv. I just felt a little sad. I probably missed that life is not so bright anymore. Some kind of pull for freshness was missing... I want to get it through drawing... something fresh.


I work as an architect by profession, this is a hobby rather. I tried to become an illustrator but it didn't work out somehow. But I do draw my whole life. I became serious about this whole Instagram move pretty recently. I decided to give it a shot, I went there with a mentality, If it works out, I'll get an extra coin. But I rather not work on something custom (commercial) to order basically... I find it is quite difficult to adapt to the customer and his framework. You constantly think about his wants and the result comes out quite forced. 


Drawing is a meditation. I don't know what I want to do, and I know nothing about the final result, and when I don't think... something nice usually comes out.

What's useful is beautiful.

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    Radioactive Spider Blood

I like old cartoons, the technique, aesthetics of it, colours, such as Amazing Spider Man, Fritz the Cat, thanks to this cartoon I got introduced to Robert Crumb who is a complete mad man. Animation is great but it requires a lot of time that I feel I don't have. It is fun though, you can do whatever you want, the fantasy comes to life.


I am attracted to those old cartoons aesthetics. I don't prepare the concept, often it's just shaped like something... I just started drawing a goblin, cyclops, some sort of characters... and if it's a comic I'll come up with it on the go. These comics... they have such witty things. Just climbs out of nowhere, and when they turn out good you get high from it. That the subconscious gives such jokes' often it is very personal, as you draw you don't know why you draw it. A week goes by, and you look at it again, and you see some useful advice. I don't draw to help myself to deal with some problems. I take it in the form of research.


I generally think that all the cartoons are similar to me at least my friends are telling me so. The mimic. It seems like we sketch everything and the facial expressions turn out to be yours.

Effect of vintage warms my heart 

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    Familiar patterns in behaviour

I work on A4 in some old sketchbook, Fabriano. I like its paper. I draw in pencil, then take a photo of it and do the outline in photoshop and add colours. I use photoshop as a colouring book.


My dream project is a cartoon but, also I would like to make a sculpture that could then turn into architecture, and in architecture, there can be music.

There is a whole talk about it by David Byrne that explains which space for which music fits the type. 

How architecture helped music evolve by David Byrne

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